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  1. hey dear ! I am really interested in your website as well as the projects that u always offer . i used to surf your website looking for something similar to the project i was recently working on . it’s a portable ECG that displays the heart rythm as well as the heart rate on a computer using the serial communication . but i was recently thinking how to improve the project by adding an LCD screen to it aiming to display the ecg signal as well as the heart rate on it .. but the question which takes place right here is : is there any possibility to do that /?

  2. Hello scotte . I am an electronic engineer. you are very good in electronics. I am glad that meet your websitr. I will happy to have a freind like you. please reply my may mail.

  3. Hey their Scott, I was wondering if you knew of a way to change your ecg into an emg for sensing muscle action potentials. If their is a way please let me know. I really just need to know how to sense in the milli ohm range…or at least I think , I just dont know how to alter your circuit to do that. Ha ha im sush a noob.

  4. Scott,
    Like most everyone listening to your homebrew full-coverage radio receiver field test on YouTube, I am very impressed. And like most of those who like what they hear, I would very much like access to your project in a published form so that I can build one myself. There seem to be quite a few of us out here who want to know “what’s in the box.” For me, the reason has to do with wanting to be an amateur radio operator, a builder, not a buyer. And when a project is obviously as successful as yours, we want to know how to achieve this. Is this receiver already here in your website, and I have missed it? Hoping to hear from you.
    John Maass
    Oklahoma City

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