Impeeded Progress

Spring break is over and dental school classes have resumed. An unexpected side-effect of spending all of spring break working so hard on my QRSS VD software project is that when I resumed dental school, I actually feel more relaxed. It’s like spring break was my period of intense work, and the rest of dental school is my “break”. It makes me a little disappointed though – I feel like dental school isn’t pushing me very hard, and I don’t feel like I’m learning or growing like I could be. With the estimated cost of tuition totaling ~$200,000 for four years of dental school, I’d have expected classes to feel a little less trite. Anyhow, it is what it is, and I’ll make the best of it.

I’m spending the weekend polishing-up code and reading circuit diagrams. I have a few projects on my plate (involving QRSS in some way or another), and I was moved by a song I heard enough to post it here. It’s a variation on Pachelbel’s Canon in D, it starts out slow, but half way through it gets so good. I’m trying to figure out if the emotional response to this song comes from the music, or weirdly misappropriated longings of my teenage self who watches a movie with this version of the song in it as a primary theme. Regardless, I’ll post it because I enjoy the compilation and because I’m impressed with how well this person plays it. Back to work. Cheers!


Lubnaan Shaikhto's Project

I’ve been exchanging emails with Lubnaan Shaikhto for a little while regarding a project involving a realtime spectrograph controlled by a microcontroller (ATTiny2313). He had a few questions, I had a few recommendations, and several weeks went by and I heard nothing… until today when I saw this awesome youtube video of his incredible success! The guy built his own USB AVR programmer just for this project too. Double score! Way to go Lubnaan!

100_3478 copy
100_3479 copy


How to Destroy a Radio Operator

After cwQslspriding myself on my ingenuity a few weeks ago for documenting my homemade stealth indoor apartment antenna for 40m and 20m, it seems that the green movement has contrived a plan to cripple my successes. So far I’ve made a few dozen contacts in Morse code with my humble little setup (~20 watts of power, direct conversion receiver, indoor homemade antenna). The photo shows some QSL cards I’ve gotten. Anyhow, my apartment manager decided that my apartment needed to have solar panels added to it. It’s too early to tell for sure, but spinning the dial a few times and hearing *nothing* makes me think that it dramatically impacted my reception (and likely transmission) in a dramatic way.

A few days ago…



R.I.P. AJ4VD station… [sigh]