Mental Viscosity

A few weeks into dental school I feel I’m fairing decently. I have reached a point where I know everything will be okay, but am still disappointed at the [immense] amount of time it requires. There are so many things I wish I could do, but all of my projects need to be placed on a 4-year hiatus. I can bask in the satisfaction of the few projects I completed this summer, and I only hope that it’s enough to last me for four years. Dentistry, while important, is nothing more than emulation/repetition of what everybody else does. I simply have to satisfy my creative and ingenuitive desires in my hobbies, whatever they may be. For now, this website will cease to grow. Perhaps when I become more in control of my studies I will contribute to it, but in all likelihood I won’t be able to do anything worth writing about until 4 years from now [sigh]. With that being said, adieu, and goodnight.

I realized I never posted video of my finished prime number generator, so here it is. Full details are described on the project page. In brief, the 2-digit display on the left is the last two digits (in base-10, decimal) of a number currently being tested for primeness. This number is also displayed on the bottom red bar above the yellow lights (in base-2, binary). Once proven to be prime (by attempting to divide it by every number between 2 and its square root, every 1000th attempted number shown in yellow lights in binary), it’s loaded onto the top row of red lights (binary) and on the character LCD. N represents the Nth prime, with V representing its value. Half way through the video, the display says that the 16,595,044’th prime (N) equals 306,692,621 (V). Don’t believe it? Check my work.