Wrapping-Up the Summer

I only have today and tomorrow left! I begin dental school [shrieks] on Monday, and with the summer nearing its end I’m trying to wrap-up a bunch of project loose ends. Most notably, I still have to complete my microcontroller-powered prime number generator. It’s 99% complete, but if I don’t finish it now I never well! There’s also the halfway finished SQL HTTP hit logger hackaday_ecgwhich is fully implemented, but lacks graphing capabilities. I have two scientific manuscripts I’m trying to complete and have ready for publication soon as well. I did, however, manage to complete my DIY ECG project! It was even featured on HackADay.com – score! Just think, this summer I graduated from UCF’s School of Biomedical Science with my Master’s in molecular biology, got accepted to UF’s College of Dentistry, submitted manuscripts to the Journal of Comparative Neurology, got featured on HackADay, and got my amateur radio license, and even upgraded to general class! Oh yeah, and there’s that oscilloscope I landed for $5. Yes, this summer is one to be proud of. [smiles softly]