Averatec's Last Breath

I don’t have a lot of time to write today, but I wanted to mention that I purchased a laptop today. I was at Circuit City’s going out of business sale with my wife, and I saw a notebook that I was attracted to, and she insisted that I get it. If I were by myself, I never would have gotten it, but it was a good price and we could surely use a laptop. Okay, maybe we don’t need it, but my wife and I each have one now! It has a 10.2” LCD, 1.6ghz processor, 1gb ram, 180 gb hard drive, webcam, wifi, and 3 USB ports. It lacks a CD-ROM drive, which helps keep its size and weight down (about 2 pounds). The box claims it’s an Averatec N1000.

Apparently Averatec is going out of business as well. This notebook is not manufactured by Averatec, but merely repackaged. The hardware is from the same source as the hardware which is used for the MSI Wind. I’m a little concerned about linux compatability, but for 300$ I can’t complain too much – I like it a lot so far… and my wife is happy because she naturally gets my other laptop. Here’s a video I found of the MSI Wind most similar to the Averatec n1000 I purchased:

Update: I installed Ubuntu Linux (8.10) on this cute little laptop without a hitch. The only issue was that the wireless network adapter (rtl8187se ubuntu) did not work. I remedied the problem by downloading linux-rtl8187se-modules-1023@ from this site, and installing it via sudo dpkg -i linux-rtl8187se-modules-1023@ and after I ran the command, my wireless networks popped up instantly – no further configuration! This fix was intended for the MSI Wind, but it worked fine for the Averatec N1000. Nice.