Finally, a Use for Inkscape!

Several days ago I gushed on and on about how amazing InkScape is. The possibly-discrediting thing is that my post was made first day I ever used it! A few weeks later, slowly reading documentation, tutorials, and practicing drawing random objects, I think I’m finally getting the feel of designing images in InkScape, and am growing to appreciate the depth of its usefulness. This week in lab I reached an epiphany which (if proven true) would be a significant revelation to the field of autonomic neuroscience. To prove it I’ll have to publish a paper with a lot of confocal images demonstrating this unique feature, and cite a lot of previously-written literature to support my theory molecularity. To clarify the process, I’d love to have some great diagrams. For example, I want a diagram to show how the autonomic nervous system innervates the mouse heart, but no such diagram exists! Here’s one for humans but it’s major overkill, shows every organ (I only want the heart), and doesn’t go into detail as to what the nerves do when they reach the heart (something no one knows – but my research is uncovering!). Also, mouse brains are very different in shape from human brains, and there aren’t any good pictures of the ventral side of a mouse brain. So, I found the best one I could and re-created it with InkScape. Looks pretty snazzy so far huh?