Celebrity Dwarf Gouramis

So I was reviewing my website statistics generated by a Python script I wrote when I noticed a peculiarity so bizarre that it made me questin the very purpose of my life. Okay maybe it wasn’t that bizarre, but it was interesting. The python script (which is automatically run every hour) downloads my latest access.log and saves it to its own folder. It then analyzes the data, creates some charts and graphs, and dumps out a bare-bones results file displaying some of the information I found useful. Of note is the number of times each page is hit.

This is where things get funny. Outperforming my home page by nearly double was indexOld.php (now indexOld22.php) – a simple webpage I tossed of for about a year before I put my big blog back online! Why were people still going to this page? Further investigation (from the referring sites section of my stats page) revealed a lot of hits from Google image-searches. I started looking at the actual requests and realized that many of these hits were people searching for the term Dwarf Gouramis “a type of freshwater aquarium fish) which was mentioned on that old webpage. The ironic part about it is what happens when you google image search for dwarf gouramis there is a picture of an extremely rare zebra pleco which is actually a link to my website! However the link APPEARS to be to wallpaperfishtalk.com because on my page I just linked to their image.

My conclusion: People are Google image-searching for ‘dwarf gouramis’, and an amazing picture of a zebra pleco is coming up which links to my site (due to the fact that months ago I talked about dwarf gouramis but posted a photo of a zebra pleco) and people (in their awe at this amazing fish) are clicking on it. So what did I do? I pulled a bait-and-switch! You bet I did. Now when you go to indexOld2.php it just forwards you to my current website – mua ha ha ha ha

PS: I’m appending to this entry at 2:17pm to note that I made a wonderful breakthrough in the lab today. Due to intellectual property protection blah blah and the fact that I don’t want anyone else to beat me to my research goal I will not describe what this is, I’ll just say that it took months of preparation and today – presto! It worked beautifully =oD