How can I help?

Support People who Support Me

A lot of people have asked me what they can do to help me through the course of my treatment. While there’s not much that most people can do to improve my specific outcome (I have a team of physicians who are doing a fantastic job!), you can support me indirectly by supporting those who take care of me.


A meal train has been started so people can volunteer to drop food off or arrange to have it delivered. Any food you prepare or give would be a great help for those around me who spend a lot of time taking care of me, and are probably starting to get tired of hospital food. Keep in mind that my treatment is expected to last for several weeks, so spacing-out your support is preferred. For more information about how you can contribute, email

Additional Support

As my treatment begins to escalate additional contact information may be posted on the contact page.

Promote Medical Science

While there’s not much that most people can do to improve my specific outcome, you can support me indirectly by supporting the scientific development of medical treatments. I am directly benefiting now from recent developments in the fields of molecular biology, genetics, stem cell biology, immunology, and physics, which have been made by scientists in only the last few decades! Please join me in continuing to support these lines of research, promoting the development of improved medical treatments through enhanced understanding of the physical world. Promoting these fields can be done financially (through financial contributions), politically (favoring movements which promote the development of technology and scientific inquiry), medically (by being listed as an organ donor, donating blood, and getting registered as a bone marrow donor), and directly (by encouraging those with bright minds to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering, and medicine).

Thousands of years of cultural traditions have yielded medical treatments such as crystal healing (where crystals are waved over the body), bloodletting (the withdrawal of blood to cure disease), chromotherapy (where “color energy” corrects imbalances), ear candling (where lighting a hollow candle in ones ear improves overall health and well-being), graphology (where medical ailments are diagnosed through handwriting), conversion therapy (for the correction of sexual orientation), trepanning (drilling through the skull to allow evil spirits to escape), phrenology (where medical information can be extracted from measurements of the skull), Reiki (where a universal energy is transferred through the hands to heal the recipient), astrology (where the position of celestial objects is used to guide medical decision making), homeopathy (where chemicals diluted to molecularity-irrelevant concentrations are used to treat disease), and magnet therapy (where weak magnets are waved over the body to cure disease). These treatments are based upon non-scientific philosophies like humorismalchemy, body memory, dianetics, anthroposophic medicine, and even germ theory denialism. Although humankind has sought methods for psychic and spiritual healing over thousands of years, the accumulated understanding (up until a few hundred years ago)  resulted in very few effective treatments, a host of ineffective (and harmful) treatments, and a persistent non-understanding of the origin of disease.

In contrast, the scientific revolution gifted the human race with the philosophy that conclusions based on evidence are superior to those made through faith (belief without evidence). In a relatively short time on the scale of humanity, our species gained an understanding of the biological basis of disease and developed thousands of effective treatments and cures for ailments which have plagued humans for millennia. The development of antibiotics saved innumerable millions, the creation of vaccines prevented the crippling and death of further millions, an understanding of germ theory helps us stay safe by preventing the spread of disease, the field of medical imaging provides unprecedented insights into the large-scale pathophysiology of disease, and our relatively recent understanding of molecular biology allow us to intimately understand the physical nature of virtually all diseases and work toward developing highly effective cures at the molecular level. These science-based fields of medicine have transformed our species and improved the lives of innumerable humans. None of these breakthroughs would have been possible if their discoverers or inventors sought biological truth by reading ancient texts, or insisted they understood the nature of the world based on faith. We know from a study of history what atrocities mystical medical treatments have brought upon the human race. We can observe how the field of medicine had not progressed for millennia leading up to the scientific revolution, and in contrast we can recognize that the emergent philosophy which valued evidence in the pursuit of knowledge catapulted the field of medicine to its current level of impressive (and still growing) understanding and effectiveness.

The promotion of faith-based alternative medical treatments as a substitute for evidence-based medicine is an embarrassment to our humanity, and a trend I hope you will join me in condemning. Stone-age ritualistic medicine may indeed improve a patient’s subjective experience due to the placebo effect (a phenomenon we understand only from evidence-based studies), but I would hope that nobody is satisfied in the adoption of placebo as the best medical treatment humankind can design. Please join me in condemning anti-scientific movements which, if they don’t directly harm their patients, prevent people from gaining access to actual medical cures by suppressing their development while diverting money and time away from their meaningful scientific study.