McPPNG Nearing completion

I don’t think I’ll keep the slang title McPPNG for my Microcontroller Powered Prime Number Generator, however I have some good news to report. I have a FULLY FUNCTIONAL prototype of this project and it looks better than I ever could have imagined, especially for the prototype. There are a few more features I want to add, and I want to work on the code some more, but I hope to be done tomorrow. I have a ton more photos taken and some videos in the works, but I’m saving them until this prototype is complete before I share it. The coolest part is that I’ve included an internal button which drives a pause/resume and speed-controller menu based upon the length of button presses! There’s a lot of awesome stuff I want to write, but once again, I’ll save it for the completed project page. Here are some pics to entice your curiosity…

Before you lose your cool about the number on the screen not being prime, calm down. I mislabeled all of the LEDs. The first LED should be 2^0 (1), and the second should be 2^1 (2), etc. Also, 2^22 and 2^23 are mislabeled – oops! But the thing really does generate, differentiate, and display [only[ prime numbers. Once again, videos (including demonstration of the menus and the programming options) and source code will be posted soon.


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